What would the world be like if Jesus was violent?

What would the world be like if Jesus was violent?

An upcoming videogame takes place in an alternative universe where Jesus was angered by his crucifixion and sought revenge on the Romans.

This storyline is part of a wider arc in a dark fantasy world constructed by fantasy author Jacek Piekera in a series of novels. Polish developers The Dust are working on the adaptation.

While the title’s premises is no doubt a controversial one, The Dust stress in a new announcement trailer that, “This game is a work of fiction and should be treated as such. The characters and story are based on the series of fantasy books by Jacek Piekara.”

I, The Inquisitor is a videogame adaptation set in the world, where Jesus responded with vengeance.

The novels draw on a common trope of fantasy world-building where an author tweaks history, and develops a fictional world that is different from there.

The game picks up 1500 years after Jesus’ revenge, with the character being an Inquisitor named Mordimer Madderdin.

The game’s trailer depicts a darker church that depicts Jesus as violent, having bent the cross he was nailed to.

According to the developers, I, The Inquisitor is a non-linear, story-driven adventure game that involves making, “difficult moral choices.” The game takes place in the setting of Konigstein, but Mordimer has the ability to travel to the “Unworld,” and find people’s deep secrets, which helps with interrogations.

I, The Inquisitor will release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S. No release date has been announced.


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