What I’m reading: Dr Anthony Rees

What I’m reading: Dr Anthony Rees

Dr Anthony Rees is Lecturer in Old Testament at the United Theological College. Anthony’s own books include Voices in the Wildness: An Ecological Reading of Numbers (2015),  [Re]Reading Again: A Mosaic Reading of Numbers 25 (2015) and his forthcoming Moses the Man? (2021) Here are some of the books Anthony has been reading and thinking about lately… 

The Old Testament: A Concise Introduction, Brent Strawn

In this little book, Strawn provides and insightful introduction to the historical, literary, and theological issues that confront readers of the Old Testament. Written in an engaging, accessible way, Strawn guides us through the imposing and confusing aspects of the Old Testament which often scare readers away. The book divides the Old Testament into the three-part structure commonly used: Torah, Prophets, Writings.

If you are looking for a book to help you approach the Old Testament, look no further!

Mourner, Mother, Midwife, L Juliana Claassens

As the title of this book might suggest, Claassens explores images of god that are some way from the violent, punitive views of god that exist in public imagination. By examining the representations of god that draw on feminine characterisation, Claassens deepens our understanding of who god is.

Drawing on her own position in South Africa, Claassens has gifted us with a sensitive work that might hep us to think about ways of speaking about god in our own places.

Food and Faith, Norman Wirzba

Is something as mundane as eating really a topic for serious theological exploration? Yes!

Humans are wholly reliant on food, and so food production and our relationship with the species we consume is very important. Here, Wirzba moves beyond these ethical issues to matters of sacramentality, the social nature of eating, and the relationship between eucharist and other meals.

Dr Anthony Rees is Lecturer in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible at United Theological College and Charles Sturt University


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