Weekly Bible study to explore Lenten texts

Weekly Bible study to explore Lenten texts

Rev. Elizabeth Raine and Rev. Dr John Squires are leading a weekly online Bible Study through Lent, open to all. The studies will explore lectionary readings for the coming Sunday.  

Rev. Dr Squires said the studies were pitched at lay people who are active in their church.  
“People who lead worship and preach on a regular basis have told us that they particularly appreciate the studies,” he said. 
“We have lots of people participating who don’t do that on a regular basis but who value the opportunity to explore their faith and strengthen their discipleship. And we have had some ministers and pastors join in for their continuing education.” 
“Over the four years we have been offering these studies, we have had people from early adult years all the way through to those who have spent a lifetime of service in the church—it’s a wonderful mix of experience and perspectives.” 

Each session runs for 90 minutes. Participants will receive a resource in advance, with the discussion questions that we will explore in the session. The same session is offered twice each week, at 10am on Thursday and again at 7pm on Thursday.  

The study will not run on Maundy Thursday. 

Tuggeranong Uniting Church is hosting the studies online through their Zoom link, and With Love to the World is sponsoring these studies. 

For more information and for the Zoom link, contact, email johntsquires@bigpond.com. 


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