Wahroonga gives thanks to educators

Wahroonga gives thanks to educators

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the challenges borne by those in ‘essential services’.

Teachers and educators have carried a double load. The world’s children have been locked up … but teachers have been expected to operate as usual.

At St John’s Uniting Church, Wahroonga, Rev. Dr Manas Ghosh organised a special service on Sunday 14 August. His vision was to reach out to pay tribute to teachers and educators in local schools – to express our appreciation.

Eleven schools were invited; five were able to attend, sending teachers, chaplains and students to represent them.

The Knox Gallery Choir, under the direction of Warren Fisher, led the worship, accompanied by St John’s talented organist, Titus Grenyer.

Scott James, headmaster of Knox Grammar, delivered a positive and inspiring address.

“It is hard to imagine there will be another moment in history when the central role of education in the economic, social and political prosperity and stability of nations is so obvious and well understood by the general population,” he said.

Mr James paid tribute to the critical role played by parents during the pandemic and applauded the way stronger relationships have been forged between parents and teachers during COVID.

He praised the commitment of teachers, at times risking their own health, to devote extra hours to ensuring that their pupils  maintained access to learning remotely.

He lauded the courage of today’s young people, “who have shown that the worst health crisis in memory is no match for a proud and active generation” and concluded that “all schools are authentically providing an education for the growth of young people who will act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God.”

The large congregation was treated to a sumptuous tea after the service. It was a joyous occasion – marked by an almost palpable sense of gratitude and appreciation – in the warm interaction between visitors and members.

St John’s Church was affirming all teachers out there.

‘Yours is a precious and unique task – Yours is the power to plant hope. You hold the future in your hands. God bless you’

With appreciation and respect – we remember you.

Morna Buys

St John’s Uniting Church, Wahroonga


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