UnitingCare helps build stronger communities

UnitingCare helps build stronger communities

UnitingCare NSW.ACT is negotiating the recruitment of Community Development Workers in partnership with three presbyteries.

The Macquarie Darling Presbytery position will focus on strengthening communities in a number of small rural towns, while the focus of the Riverina position is still being developed. A third part-time position will be in partnership with the Canberra Presbytery and will focus on the ACT.

The Macquarie Darling, Riverina and Canberra positions will be employed within UnitingCare NSW.ACT service groups.

Julie Grieg, Rural Chaplain with the Rural Ministry Unit, writes, “With the long-term, relentless withdrawal of all types of services from rural areas, it’s wonderful to see UnitingCare NSW.ACT and rural presbyteries working together to increase their capacity in country areas.

“These positions have the potential to make an enormous difference to the lives of those in targeted areas and fulfil the church’s mission to care for those who are less fortunate and provide a voice for those who are currently not heard.

“I am very excited by the prospect of new workers in these areas and look forward to seeing the impact they have.”

The three new projects follow on the employment of Chris McAlpine as a Community Development Worker within the Parramatta Nepean Presbytery.

Mr McAlpine’s focus is on helping congregations identify and/or strengthen community engagement and build stronger links between congregations and UnitingCare NSW.ACT, as well as the broader community service sector.

The work currently includes supporting the development of five MOU’s to enhance the strong connections between UnitingCare NSW.ACT and congregations.

It also involves working intensively with two congregations as they develop strategic links within their community, and the development of the “Cumberland Stories” project, which will see UnitingCare NSW.ACT and congregations surrounding Parramatta sharing and celebrating their community development stories.

Following on the release of the booklet UnitingCare NSW.ACT and Uniting Church Building Stronger Communities – Guiding Principles and Protocols, UnitingCare NSW.ACT’s Community Services Consultant is seeking case studies which illustrate the range of partnerships between UnitingCare NSW.ACT and church communities.

Examples of existing partnerships between UnitingCare NSW.ACT and the wider church community will add to our understanding of what works.

People seeking further information or who have case studies they wish to discuss can contact Community Development Worker Chris McAlpine on 9688 3074 or Community Services Consultant Jill Napier on 9376 14.


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