UCAN online gathering to support grassroots climate action

UCAN online gathering to support grassroots climate action

The Uniting Climate Action Network (UCAN) is a way of connecting people in the Uniting Church and wider community who believe care for the earth and all its life matters. For many in the church it is an important dimension of their faith and discipleship. For others, it’s a core personal conviction and value. For all, it’s a motivation to act – on climate change, for forests, on reducing waste and pollution, and many other concerns.

UCAN exists to encourage and support this action. Of course, we encourage members to join in advocacy on climate change as part of the Synod Climate Action Strategy. But we also aim to support the different issues and grassroots action that our members are engaged in.

UCAN is having an online next steps gathering on the evening of Monday 22 May, from 7.00pm-8.30pm and we invite all interested people to be part of it.

It is nearly one year since the Federal election. There have been some positive developments in climate policy and practical action since then. But the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reminds us we need to ramp up the scale and urgency of action if we are to secure a safe climate future for all.

At the UCAN gathering we will:

  • Reflect on what has happened in climate since the election and where we are at now
  • Remind ourselves of how climate action fits with the faith and values of the Uniting Church and our own values
  • Identify the key actions needed to reduce emissions nationally and what part we can play in those, as well as other concerns of members
  • Hear what resources and training we offer to support network members in both broader climate action and other grassroots environmental issues

You don’t have to be an existing UCAN member to join in the forum. All those with an interest in environmental care and action on climate change are welcome.

You can register for the UCAN next steps gathering here.

If you have any questions or need more information, contact Jon O’Brien in the Uniting Advocacy team, on 0477 725 528 or at joobrien@uniting.org


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