Jacob and Matthew Band

Trust is the performance of six very strongly Christian rock songs: “All I Need”, “Take This Life”, “Come Alive”, “Stumble”, “Desire” and “People, Rise Up!”

The musicians are an unusual lot compared to most rock musicians because they list their sources of inspirations along with the instruments they play. These include St Francis Xavier, St Pio Peitrelcina, Mother Mary,St Joseph, St Cecilia, St Toribio Romo and St Columba. St Cecilia, by the way, is the patron saint of musicians and Church music.

The music has lots of keyboards, percussion, guitars and computer sounds and is meant to be played very loud and danced to.

There is also lots of experimentation with different types of sounds, particularly at the beginning of each song. “People, Rise Up!” has a mixture of South American and possibly African influence. Some of the lyrics are sung in Spanish.

The lyrics in the songs speak of a sincere love for Jesus:

Trust would make a good gift for the lover of Christian heavy rock music.

Katy Gerner


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