Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy


Tron Legacy is visually spectacular. Everything about the film should have worked.

Shot in 3D to give the sort of immersive experience you would expect, with amazing sound design and a soundtrack by Daft Punk, which recalls ’80s electronica and feels totally new at the same time.

But somehow the film feels hollow in the centre — lacking both heart and direction.

Early on the warning signs are there. The first third of the film is almost entirely action — despite the visuals (particularly the awesomely updated light cycles) the film starts to feel a little like a video game, with amazing action but nothing really to care about.

Thematically the film delves into the creator vs the created and how humanity is and isn’t caught in Tron’s digital world.

And a coda seems to suggest that, despite the wonders of the digital world, it’s the real world for which even the digital inhabitants yearn.

Adrian Drayton


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