Three seasons of the faith-based drama The Baxters drops on Amazon Prime

Three seasons of the faith-based drama The Baxters drops on Amazon Prime

Touched By an Angel star Roma Downey stars in a faith-based drama The Baxters. Based on Karen Kingsbury’s best-selling series, the series follows Elizabeth (Downey) and John Baxter (Ted McGinley) and their five adult children as they navigate relationships, careers, love and faith.

Redemption is the key theme throughout the series, as each family member has a relationship with someone — including at times, God — that needs to be redeemed. Redemption is rarely an easy, straightforward path, and it seems like the Baxters understand that well.

In addition to McGinley and Downey — who also served as the series’ executive producer — the show will star Brandon Hirsch, Masey McLain, Josh Plasse, Cassidy Gifford, Reilly Anspaugh and Emily Peterson.

“I think that the stories are really going to resonate with audiences. You know, it’s still edgy storytelling,” Roma Downey recently told “This is not a perfect family and this is not a preachy show – but they are a family of faith. When the issues come up and the challenges arise, we see them band together. They really model ways of supporting each other. Even when they don’t like each other, even when they don’t approve of each other’s behavior or they’re not happy with the choice that someone in their family has made about something, the underlying love that connects them is very powerful. I don’t know that we often see that modeled on TV.”

Kingsbury’s novel series has encompassed more than 25 titles since its debut in 2002. Downey has had the books under option for over a decade.

“Since the day Roma Downey asked for my blessing in making the Baxter family literary series into a televised show, I have dreamed that it might find a home on Prime Video,” Kingsbury has said. “Many millions of readers are going to be thrilled over this news. It is a dream come true.”

There are currently three seasons of the drama on Amazon Prime to fans of the book series delight. However, it’s not clear if the show will continue past its current three seasons as the show was shot in 2018, and faced several production hurdles, causing a significant delay in its debut. This six year delay might also explain why all three seasons were released simultaneously.

In January, Amazon announced a partnership with The Wonder Project, a faith-based production company from Jesus Revolution director Jon Erwin, to develop more series and films rooted in faith for Prime Video, including the upcoming series based on King David’s life.

You can watch all current seasons of The Baxters on Prime Video with a subscription


8 thoughts on “Three seasons of the faith-based drama The Baxters drops on Amazon Prime”

  1. I thoroughly loved the Baxters. The Baxter family and their whole circle of friends and loved one’s made me feel like a part of the family & Church. I will pray for season 4,5, and 6. 🙏❤️🙏

    Sincerely, Pat

    1. I remember when I read my first book written by Karen Kingsbury. I have followed the Baxters with each new book that came into print. I love the characters in the books and now they are coming alive on screen. Please make more seasons! You have so much more to tell and the stories get even better. I hope the actors will be willing to stay on as their characters because they are doing an excellent job. I’m pretty particular about watching something that is well acted and this series is done with excellence! Lord bless you Karen! I feel I’ve know you for years. I met you at a conference and you replied to several of my emails years ago. Keep doing what you’re doing because it blesses so many!

  2. I read all of the Karen Kingsbury books and love “The Baxters” series both in the books and the TV series on Prime. I do hope to see the series on TV continue with more episodes. They are faith based and meet the needs of so many individuals. Thanks.

  3. I am so moved and touched by the Baxter series. it is the most uplifting an encouraging faith based production, I have ever seen. It is so refreshing to see a show like this.
    Without the x rated language and vulgarity. It is beyond excellent, the way each member of the cast compliments each other. I pray more series will continue. Everyone I know is watching and loving it! This is what we all need to be seeing, I rate it beyond excellent! It feels so good to be comfortable watching all of it. It is good for young people to see shows like this. Most everything is R rated, these days and young people are being so terribly influenced by it! I would love to see the Baxters continue on exclusively!


  4. I was captivated with the Baxters. I hadn’t read the series, so appreciated the recaps and intros. I definitely want to see a season 4. What’s going to happen to Ashley- love her! It certainly left me wanting more.
    Refreshing and challenging series!

  5. Love the Baxters, just finished watching the series and can’t wait for more. It’s Hallmark but so much more, very real topics and situations. The parents really are a wonderful example to us out here trying to do our best.

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