Third anniversary of Newtown’s Revelation Ceiling celebrated with glimpse of glory

Third anniversary of Newtown’s Revelation Ceiling celebrated with glimpse of glory

Newtown Mission’s iconic Revelation Ceiling, by Kon Parris, will celebrate three years since its grand opening in August 2008 with a creative performance based on the book of Revelation.

A Glimpse of Glory is the creative initiative of Art Evangelist Amanda Hallihan, who has created an opportunity for viewers to engage with the book of Revelation in a fresh way.

“Many people have heard of the book of Revelation, fewer people have read the book and fewer still feel they understand the book,” said Ms Hallihan. “This performance is designed to awaken viewers to the message Jesus addressed to his church in the book of Revelation and show how this message is still relevant to believers today.”

The performance will feature contemporary dance and choreography by Corinne Urquhart of Emotive Arts and Helen Wright of Annandale Creative Arts centre, live music arranged by Jaymai Johnson and actor Niel Modra as the Apostle John.

The performance will also use visual art and multimedia to captivate viewers’ imaginations.

“We don’t just want viewers to watch the book of Revelation unfold; what we are hoping to create is an atmosphere of worship so that viewers will get ‘caught up’ in the praise and worship, and join in worshiping our Lord.”

A Glimpse of Glory, which is based on the Revelation Monologues by Marc Radar, will debut at Newtown Mission on Friday, August 19 at 8 pm. It will be followed by performances on August 20 at 8 pm and August 21 at 6 pm. Tickets are $10 (concession) and $15 (adult) when booked in advance or $20 at the door.

The Anniversary Celebrations will culminate on August 28 with an anniversary service at 9.30 am at Newtown Mission Chapel.

Guest speaker, Dr Mark Stephens, from Wesley Institute, will highlight the contemporary significance of the book of Revelation and provide fresh insight into a book that has perplexed and intrigued Christians for many years.

Ceiling captures imaginations

The Revelation Ceiling has captured the imagination of guests from both the local community and further afield.

It is open to groups by appointment from Tuesday to Friday as well as being open at various times throughout weekends.

Ms Hallihan said, “As a church we have capitalised on the potential to use the artwork to connect with the community. We host open viewing times, staffed by a team of volunteers from Newtown mission, Barney’s Broadway and Wesley Institute, and we use this opportunity to present the message of the gospel using the artwork as our starting point.

“Many locals have returned time and again bringing friends along to see their own Sistine Chapel.”

Ms Hallihan said, “I believe this casual opportunity to walk into a church and look at the artwork is helping to break down walls in the community and helping to demonstrate to our community that we are present, caring and active.

“We are also able to share with guests about many of the services of the church, including the drop-in centre.”

She said, “Another unique opportunity we have is to connect with a wide range of guests through the group tours we run.

“We have welcomed school students, community groups, art lovers and seniors groups to admire the ceiling, and guests are always impressed by the work and the presentation we offer.”

People who would like to join in this ministry by volunteering to welcome visitors are invited to contact Newtown Mission.

For more information about the ceiling, anniversary celebrations and A Glimpse of Glory, visit the website or contact Amanda Hallihan, Newtown Mission’s Art Evangelist, on 9519 9000.


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