There is Hope (on CD)

There is Hope (on CD)

Hope: Songs of Faith and Inspiration is a multi-artist album of uplifting music and spoken word emanating both from within and also outside the Christian faith.

Produced by musical director for the stars, Chong Lim, the album represents a partnership between ABC Music, Universal Music Australia and World Vision Australia.

With guest appearances from a who’s-who of Australian and international celebrities, Hope’s theme of spiritual and emotional rejuvenation through the joy of music offers a fresh view of timeless, uplifting classic songs.

In a coup for ABC Music, the current “leading lady” of Christian music, Darlene Zschech, has recorded the appropriately-titled track My Hope especially for the album, while Olivia Newton-John performs the inspiring Isn’t It Amazing.

Chart-topping young stars Mark Vincent and Stan Walker are also featured, alongside a cappella vocal legends The Idea of North.

It also features Anna Maria La Spina, Annalisa Kerrigan and Andrew Naylor. The one-hit-after-another formula is held together by inspiring reflections on Hope by the Rev. Tim Costello.

Mr Costello, CEO of World Vision Australia, said, “Hope is a word most of us throw around in conversation to describe a desired outcome, such as, ‘I hope I beat the afternoon traffic,’ or something even more benign. For billions of people around the world, the word hope is a lifeline, a meal for a day, an opportunity to learn, disease management or the courage to fight HIV/AIDS.

“If we take the path to think broader and wider than ourselves, the word hope then has the potential to change someone’s destiny. This pathway of generosity demands that we look past our own challenges and have them right-sized against the plight of those less fortunate whose only difference is skin colour or location of birth.

“The artistic community who lend their talents to this CD, in partnership with the ABC and World Vision, share a common goal – that hope would filter indiscriminately through communities around the world and that you, the listener, would also discover threads of hope encouraging you to celebrate your own life.

“As you listen to these songs and celebrate the incredible talent, allow the music to fill you with joy and inspire an audacious dream of a community that reaches out a hand of generosity to brothers and sisters around the world.”

Darlene Zschech said the project was recorded with much love and was full of songs of Hope, songs to help people lift into all that lies before them.

“The Bible says, ‘This hope we have, as an anchor for our soul …’ And Emily Dickinson said, ‘Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all.’

“Martin Luther King Jr said, ‘We must accept finite disappointment but we must never lose infinite Hope.’

“Hope is alive … Hope is not just another word, but a word full of endless possibilities. And when all is lost, we still have Hope.

“Let Hope rise!”

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Andrew Naylor said, “Hope is like spiritual breath. Without it we have no life. With it we have the potential to gain strength and courage to change something.

“For me to sing ‘When I Survey The Wondrous Cross’ is like living inside God’s imagination. It’s as though He’s thinking about a reality that I’m / we’re yet to fully grasp. He’s offering His love as a solution to my role in this broken world so that when I can’t see past the brokenness, suffering and corruption myself, I’ve still got something to cling to that might just make a difference for me and for others.”

Co-producer Andrew Hagger was inspired to produce the album because, “Hope is God’s gift to us all. It’s the branch to hold onto in a storm, it’s the promise of better days ahead and it’s the recognition that our dreams can come true.”

For more information visit the Hope website.


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