There are things we can do about our changing climate

There are things we can do about our changing climate

Crises like the floods that have engulfed towns in Queensland and NSW in the past days can bring out the best of the human spirit. Watching people respond to others in dire need with urgency and compassion, is inspiring and encourages us to act similarly.  But in witnessing the heartbreaking devastation wreaked, these events are also a reminder that our nation is vulnerable to the changing climate.

Global warming means the atmosphere can hold more water vapour- seven percent more for every degree of warming. This massive store of additional moisture is not always released gently and regularly, but often overwhelmingly and violently, with torrential rain and flash flooding.

We see the devastation of towns and the people who live there, and we can feel helpless. But we aren’t helpless. The climate change we are witnessing is caused by human beings, so human beings can fix it. On the large scale that means drastically reducing our greenhouse gas emissions starting right now, over the next decade.  

Are our political leaders listening?

But there are things we can do as individuals, and as members of the Uniting Church, as well.   Here are two of them.

UCAN strategy and reflection gathering- 15 March

The Uniting Climate Action Network (UCAN) was launched last year. UCAN aims to encourage and be a catalyst for Uniting Church members in their care for creation and action on climate change.

On the evening of Tuesday, 15 March we are holding an online Reflection and Strategy gathering to shape our priorities for the rest of the year. Together we will:

  • Reflect on UCAN activities since our launch last year
  • Consider next steps in the Synod Climate Action Strategy
  • Identify ways we can support the causes and issues of concern we share

You don’t have to have been involved in any previous UCAN events to be part of this gathering.  Please join and share your concern for creation and conviction that it is part of faith and discipleship with us.

You can register for the gathering here.

Eating for climate and health: an on-line forum – 4 April

We know that changing our diet can be good for our health, but it can also be good news for the planet and reduce the impacts of climate change. In this free on-line talk for Uniting Church members, PhD student Kate Sievert will explore the connections between what we eat, the international food system and climate change.  Ms Sievert has recently helped revise the Public Health Association of Australia’s policy papers on these issues.

Ms Sievert will speak to issues around food insecurity, who is most vulnerable and the role of big corporations in shaping our food system and what we eat. Finally, she will outline what a more healthy and sustainable diet looks like and what governments and individuals can do towards having healthier people and a healthier planet.

There will be time for discussion and questions during the evening. You can register for this informative talk on this important issue, here.

For more information about either of these events, or if you have any questions, please contact Jon O’Brien at or 0477 725 528.

The Uniting Advocacy Team


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  1. Climate care is important. Thanks for reminding us of the power of the individual. I believe we were given dominion to take care of one another and Earth. I keep trying to up my recycling, lessening lawn mowing, and walk instead of driving when I can. I see my co-workers doing the same and although we have more to do, individuals doing so now encourage me. Our neighbor installed solar panels a few weeks ago.

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