The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

(M) Hoyts DVD/BD

Anybody but a Twi-hard won’t find this film entertaining. After having sat through all these films it is safe to say that all concerned should be happy they can move on to other things.

The “epic finale” has Bella now a fully-fledged vampire revelling in her newfound immortality and mother to the half vampiric Renesmee. Alerted to the presence of Bella’s child, the evil Volturi plan an attack of the Cullens, wrongly believing her to be a child vampire — which is forbidden.

One saving grace for this film is the tiresome love triangle has given way to a larger canvas, which is only fitting given it is the final in the series.

With both Part 1 and 2 having been made by director Bill Condon, there is at least some welcome consistency in the story-telling, something the series has lacked a little in previous outings.

The overall look of the film is still that of a small budget, despite the huge takings of previous movies. The CGI wolves still don’t impress and some other awkward visuals (especially baby Renesmee) do undercut the quality of the filmmaking.

Outrageously overly melodramatic stuff that fans will no doubt love.

Adrian Drayton


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