The Restore Project

The Restore Project

The Restore Project seeks to offer and facilitate tailored programs that engage young Pacific Islanders who are at risk of, or transitioning out of, incarceration.

The focus is on topics related to Mental Health, Alcohol and Drugs, Welfare Dependency and Incarceration.

​This project seeks to empower young people to achieve their goals and gain confidence to move forward into full-time job or college education. It also encourages them and teaches them how to live a healthy lifestyle and gain access to the support they need.

​The Restore Project team developed programs and are constantly creating workshops using their cultural framework to provide employment pathways and skills, mental health education, leadership development, and mentoring for those how are looking for additional support.

Last month they ran their first workshops: “Resume Building” and “Career Pathways – TAFE” targeted for people aged between 15 to 25 who are exploring career opportunities or wanting to build their own resume.  

On their website, they also share other relevant opportunities and workshops that might interest their young audience.  

Candy-Lee is the Restore Project Coordinator. She told Insights that even though they did not have the number of people they were expecting, they did help a few people and will continue to run these workshops for the Pacific Island community, hoping to gain more people signing up in the near future.

Click here for more information about events and next workshops.  

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