The Misunderstood God: The Lies Religion Tells About God

The Misunderstood God: The Lies Religion Tells About God

Darin Hufford, Windblown Media

I have mixed feelings about this book. Mostly I am underwhelmed.

First, it is an adaptation of a previously published book called The God’s Honest Truth.

Second, it sets out to defuse the so-called “traditional” understandings of God.

Thus the bulk of the book is about proving wrong 15 lies – such as The Jealous … The Rock-star … The angry … The condemning … The disinterested … The terrible… God.

Third, it doesn’t move the debate about God or church or religion or spirituality, anywhere. And if you are looking for any scholarship, this is not the place to begin.

The target of Hufford’s displeasure seems to be fundamentalist preachers, usually of TV fame. But also what he calls “religion” (which often seems to be equated with “church”), without ever defining what meaning he gives to the word “religion”.

In short, Hufford’s god is — or continues to be — a supernatural, interventionist, personal, male being. While his response to all the lies told by “religion” or “church” is: God. Is. Love.

He writes, “All the answers in the universe are found in that flame of love inside your heart. If you analyse that flame, you will find all wisdom and grace; you will possess supernatural understanding and untainted spiritual insight. You will not need anyone to teach you because His spirit will lead you into all truth.”
I guess it could be called evangelical “hip” Christianity!

And I am left wondering if Hufford would also say: Love is God? An interesting question raised at the Common Dreams 2 Conference in Melbourne by Hugh Mackay.

Rex A. E. Hunt


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