“The magic of this gathering”

“The magic of this gathering”

Burwood-Croydon Related Congregations continue to meet online, including one member aged 102.

Rev. Stephen Matthews is the Ministry Team Leader at Burwood-Croydon Related Congregations. He told Insights that the church continues its diverse and busy ministry during COVID-19.

“In one of our worship services, one of our members was able to share in worship from her home with her partner and son, along with her other son and his partner who Zoomed in from New York,” Rev. Matthews said.
“Different members have contributed, both in ensuring worship flows well (through supporting use of the technology) as well as sharing in singing and prayers.”

“For some members, the joy of sharing in ‘virtual tea time’ after worship was just the connecting needed.”

Burwood-Croydon has three Zoom Services weekly: Malvern Hill Burwood Morning and Burwood Evening.

Nola Harris, 102, is a member of Burwood Morning. As well as writing cards to those who are ill or not able to attend worship, she has been on the Synod Stamp Committee for many years. She, along with her son and family, have been sharing in online worship for three weeks. Another member, from Malvern Hill, is 97 and has been supported by her family in sharing in online worship.

“Though some members have not been able to join in worship, they are provided Weekly Devotional as well as check-in by our Elders and Clergy. Worship across the three services have been well received and the style of worship is evolving.”

Co-ordinators, Diana Combe and Andrew Buchan continue to organise English Conversation gatherings Tuesdays and Thursdays that may be considered as an additional online presence. Burwood Evening Congregational members also ensure connectivity through Netflix nights organised by Claire Wallace and Craig Corby.

Other ministries of Burwood – Croydon continues on including the Preschool and also the Emergency Relief Program which, sadly, has seen a greater number of people seeking financial and emotional support.

“There are many reasons for gathering and seeing the joy of people making connections across the internet makes us flesh again and reminds us of who we are and the value of relationships,” Rev. Matthews said.

“Nola, in sharing about this worship, remarked about ‘the magic of this gathering’ – I could not say a better comment than that.”


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  1. Hi Rev. Stephen Matthews and the rest of the Matthews family. Was nice to read this. I have joined in with the Saltbush Service on one occasion from Berlin, unfortunately the time difference to Berlin is a little bit difficult but I’ll try again this coming Sunday morning. The Cowra Congregation then does a morning tea via Zoom after the service. Great to be able to catch up with friends in this way. Love to all – remember your visit to Cowra congregation with great fondness.

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