The magic of a seven minute conversation

The magic of a seven minute conversation

This is Day four of a five day Infomagical challenge undertaken by the Synod Communications Team. See Day 3: A Magical Brain.

Day 4: A Magical Connection

Adrian: Just as yesterday’s challenge was difficult because of the nature of my work, today was a breeze because we have a habit of spending time talking about whatever Netflix series we are bingeing on or, the relative merits of feminism through the eyes of Wonder Woman (questionable), or the rise of AI in Saudi Arabia. We agree with Sherry Turkle that the rule of seven works. In seven minutes a conversation can take shape and take flight.

Short answer: I feel like we nailed day four.

Lisa: Easy – Facetime my daughter in San Francisco. Had to keep it to seven minutes and then hung up.

“Mum is acting strangely”, said the family text message which I read hours later after still focusing on one task at a time.  Note to self, ‘so what’s new about that.’


Rana: This was actually great as I usually find that when I’m on the phone to someone – I’m not 100% present. Usually I’m still working on the computer, tidying up, trying to get the kids to stop jumping on me or even browsing Facebook.

I decided to ring my mum and have nice chat together without doing anything as I talked. It was amazing – I felt very connected to her and our actual tone went from the regular-not even listening to the response ‘how are you’ , to ‘how are you really?’. We listened more, understood more, and felt more nourished by the end of the conversation.


Melissa: Yes finally a challenge we have in the bag! I mean imagine a communications team that didn’t talk to each other – oh, the chaos that would ensue. Luckily our team likes to talk but more importantly listen, so in seven minutes the creative ideas are bouncing around and the results, well not to sound biased, but I think they’re pretty impressive.

You’re almost done, our magical conclusion starts here:



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