The Lorax

(G) Universal DVD/BD/Digital Download

The Lorax is a 77-minute romp through one of the crazy worlds of the beloved Dr Seuss.

The Lorax himself (Danny de Vito) is only a little more than a top and tail to the story of Ted (Zac Efron), who is trying to find one last tree to impress Audrey (Taylor Swift). Green flirting, I guess.

He heads outside the limits of the Truman Show-esque town at the insistence of his crazy granny to find the Once-ler (Ed Helms), the repentant environmental vandal responsible for the mess they’re in.

Ted wins the day and defeats the evil capitalist Mr O’Hare, whose hair and height reminded me a little bit too much of the Edna E. Mode character from The Incredibles.

The Lorax is harmless fun but Seuss’ whimsy is buried under a fair bit of green-eggs-and-ham-fisted preachiness.

Dave Cornford


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