For most of us, it has only been a couple of days in self-isolation, but for many, it has been weeks. As time goes by, we find ourselves being more reflective, sensible, and emotional. As a consequence, we might have caught ourselves thinking of a way to help others, but due to the pandemic, it is tough to reach them. Coming to value the physical contact, the possibility of literally giving a hand.

As technology has been vital to keep connected with others, most of us are learning and sharing all sorts of stories, from people that are sick, to others that lost their jobs, are feeling lonely, or have found hope and strength in unique ways.

Browsing social media, #TheKindnessPandemic is a hashtag that is becoming more popular in several channels. In Facebook, an open group was created only nine days ago and now has over 274,709 members (as of 23 March late). They aim to develop kindness campaigns for those on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their first campaign, Random Acts of Supermarket Kindness, started on Monday 16 March, while the panic buying was hitting supermarket workers around the world dealing with anger and sorrow.

The Kindness Pandemic group has gone global posting photos, videos, testimonials and shorts messages about people caring for others all around the world. As it is rapidly growing – they reached over 10,000 members in the first few days- they are encouraging local community groups to start their own local #TheKindnessPandemic groups, and share some stories there.

The group shares testimonials, “because many people need acts of kindness right now, and many others want to hear stories of kindness”. With 18 admins and moderators, they state that even though kindness won’t make COVID-19 go away, it will make our lives easier and more rewarding. They particularly encourage intergenerational kindness but welcome sharing all acts of kindness.

The Kindness Pandemic is an initiative of Celebrate Ageing, a social enterprise building respect for older people. For more information contact Catherine Barrett or check out their webpage:

Angela Cadena


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