The Fighter

The Fighter

(MA) Roadshow DVD/BD

How important is your family?

Despite the toll they have taken on his boxing career and mental/emotional strength, Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) is fiercely loyal to his controlling mother Alice (Melissa Leo) and manipulative, self-absorbed brother Dicky (Christian Bale).

The dysfunctional bond within this fighting family forms the core of an underdog sporting drama, which landed Leo and Bale Academy Awards a few months ago.

Based on a true story of sparring brothers, The Fighter allows Bale to devour the screen as a hyper-hyperactive crack-head whose delusions of grandeur (linked to past, faded glory) overshadow everything his devoted brother does.

Dicky is blind to the corrosive selfishness he radiates.

Micky is keenly aware of it, yet, to survive the impact of his brother (and mother), he prefers to adjust his own behaviour — even when detrimental to his aspirations and relationships.

For all its punchy fight scenes, powerful acting and rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-riches story, The Fighter might hit hardest with its stark, gritty portrait of what can happen when we just accept and don’t speak up.

Giving constructive criticism can be difficult, especially to loved ones. But, when done correctly, gently and firmly challenging/rebuking someone is a Godly, beneficial practice.

Ben McEachen



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