The Essential Worldwide Laws of Life

The Essential Worldwide Laws of Life

Sir John Templeton, Templeton Press

This beautifully-produced book has the gravitas that begs the reader to ponder and adopt the ideas in it.

The 2012 edition seems to be a distillation and universalising of the 1998 Worldwide Laws of Life: 200 Eternal Spiritual Principles. Its 21 chapters and 315 pages range across patterns of mind and thought, ways of living a meaningful life, and freedom inside that flows out to others and society.

We see how Templeton’s scholarship, plus the time to ponder delivered by his wealth, has been turned into a positive philosophy that all can be helped to understand.

Templeton’s humility is obvious, as he writes in a plain and selfless manner. His writing can be likened to an update of Dr Norman Vincent Peale (I have read some of his books) but with a broader set of influences.

This is a book to be re-read yearly as part of a process of personal growth.

Templeton was a heavyweight in finance, philanthropy, spirituality and scholarship. He is arguably best known now for the Templeton Prize, established in 1972 to honour individuals who have made exemplary achievements in life’s spiritual dimension.

A devout Presbyterian, Templeton studied widely in other faith systems and sought to bring all faiths to a common understanding. Templeton renounced his American citizenship in 1964 and lived in the Bahamas until his death in 2008 aged 95.

His Templeton Foundation continues to release material to further the man’s spiritual philosophy.

Peter Ellis


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