The Book of Exodus: Question by Question

The Book of Exodus: Question by Question

William T. Miller, Paulist Press

One of a growing series, The Bible: Question by Question, this book is a user-friendly guide to reading and understanding the second book of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), Exodus by William T. Miller, who teaches Old Testament courses at St Mary’s Seminary and the University of Baltimore.

The resource is divided into sections based on individual stories or sayings by the authors and editors of Exodus.

Within each section there is a basic introduction on reading the story in the light of current scholarship, exploratory questions that help the reader explore and struggle with specific verses and theological contexts, and some concluding remarks.

Miller also includes his answers at the back of the book but does urge the reader not to consult these until they have invested sufficient time in reflecting on the questions themselves.

It also includes an interesting discussion on the nature of the covenant in Exodus and a solid Bibliography for those seeking further exploration.

While this commentary is an ideal resource for individuals, adult Bible study groups and introductory scripture courses, it does assume some background in biblical studies and might challenge those beginning to explore the scriptures for themselves.

Karyl Davison


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