Target Christmas appeal will help in fire affected communities

Target Christmas appeal will help in fire affected communities

The devastating effects of the recent bush-fires and the ongoing battle of our drought-stricken communities could mean many of our fellow Aussies will not celebrate Christmas this year.

UnitingCare Australia has partnered with Target for the 29th time to give back to the community through the Target Christmas Appeal.

The Appeal asks us to ‘be there for someone this Christmas’; a simple yet heart-warming message to Target customers in support of helping those Australians facing the greatest hardship.

It is often in times of great need and hardship, that we see the very best of the human spirit.

We’re appreciative when we hear from those in the community who’ve received help from the Appeal in the past; just some of which include the 103 families in Tamworth, where had it not been for the money raised in the 2018 Appeal, the struggling farming community would have been faced with the added anguish of seeing their families heartbroken at what is usually a time of celebration.   

Our local coordinators, many of whom are members of the Uniting Church, played an integral role in the success of 2018, and are once again playing a key role in empowering Target staff to inspire customers and embrace the joy of giving.

Through the Appeal, customers are encouraged to purchase a $1 bauble found at cash registers in all Target Stores or to make an online contribution via the website.

100 percent of all contributions made in NSW and the ACT are distributed to Uniting Church congregations and Uniting services across the State and territories where it’s needed most.

There is no greater way to show God’s love than giving to the Appeal and supporting thousands of people doing it tough this Christmas.

The Appeal runs from 31 of October to 24 December.


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