Synod meeting to consider updated Walking Together Action Plan

Synod meeting to consider updated Walking Together Action Plan

The Synod meeting will consider an update to the Walking Together Action Plan.

The 2021 Synod agreed to adopt a plan to imbed the church’s commitment to First Australians across its business functions. This included creating a target for indigenous employees, the creation of traineeships for indigenous people, and for church congregations to foster relationships with indigenous organisations in their local area.

According to the proposal document, “The Walking Together Action Plan 2021-2023 has achieved some significant outcomes, including the establishment of the First Nations Resources page on the Synod website, the development of the First Peoples Theological Study Scholarship, the implementation of an MOU between UAICC Ministry Centres, Macquarie Darling Presbytery and the Synod, the participation of Uniting Church members in Survival Day events, the implementation of First Peoples educational sessions for Ministry Candidates in Phase 2 and Phase 3, and the requirement for all Synod employees to complete online learning in the form of Aboriginal Cultural Capability modules.”

The proposal notes however that some commitments have yet to be met.

The proposal calls for the Synod to endorse the finalisation of the plan for 2024 to 2027, to rollover all existing commitments.

The Synod meeting will also consider a proposal to lobby governments to raise the age of criminal responsibility to at least 14.

The 2023 Synod meeting takes place at the Katoomba Christian Convention Centre from 15 to 17 September. Insights will have full updates on the meeting.


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