Synod Meeting 2014: Gathering in prayer

Synod Meeting 2014: Gathering in prayer

Members gathered to join the Moderator Rev Myung Hwa Park in prayer on the first day of the Synod Meeting.

Moderator Rev Myung Hwa Park prayed for all congregations, Presbyteries, Churches and agencies across the Synod, for the Lord  to be with us as we gather for Synod 2014.

In a short message the Moderator referred to the prayers she has witnessed from many backgrounds including Confucius, Shaman and Buddhist traditions.  They all have in common something to celebrate in every month of the year, demonstrating that life is associated with the seasons and celebrations.

“Our Lord Jesus spent time alone in prayer. Jesus example gives us clues about a faithful life of prayer not just for friends but also for those who persecute us.”

The Moderator called on people to be “joyful always and to pray continuously.”

Prayers were presented from areas across the life of the Synod who prayed for safe travelling, good decision making, for the Church to be a place of Justice and to be open to God for guidance.

Prayers for Synod were given by Rural and Remote Ministry, the Rev Jo-Anne Smaibil,  Indigenous Leaders, the Rev Neville Naden and Multicultural Church, the Rev Barnabas Kim.

The SauFaupula Choir sang gloriously with the youngest to the oldest beaming their faith.

The prayer gathering closed with the Synod prayer and then blessings for the Rev Myung Hwa from past Moderator the Rev Dr Bryan Brown and ex-Moderator the Rev. Niall Reid.


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