Synod Growth Fund grant helps Adamstown prepare for the future

Synod Growth Fund grant helps Adamstown prepare for the future

Adamstown Uniting Church have made use of the Synod’s Growth Fund in order to buy new equipment for their ministry.

Jen Barnes from Adamstown Uniting Church told Insights the Growth Fund Grant was already helping the congregation.

“The equipment purchases that have been enabled by the Growth Fund Grant, are already making strong contributions to the life of Adamstown Uniting Church,” Ms Barnes said.

“Two specific pieces, a studio camera and a switcher, were crucial to our 29 January service to dedicate a new ‘Come Together’ mural and the ’Sorry Space’ at the front of our church.”

“We streamed high quality video of the outdoor smoking and dedication ceremonies to the inside of the church, to Zoom and to Vimeo for our online church members and visitors. People unable to be outside for the ceremony watched from inside the church.”

Ms Barnes said the church’s group The Creatives are now using the equipment to develolp their skills in conducting a church service, “with opportunity being given to speak on chosen subjects, to support with audio and projector, to create video for use in the service and to share with the whole congregation.”

Adamstown Uniting Church’s grant is also linked to the growth of partnerships with community groups. Non-alcohol All Ages Gigs began in January and Brunker Community Theatre are coming on board in the near future.

“Our congregation now has a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the life of The Hunter Presbytery,” Ms Barnes said.

“Existing experience, plus that gained as we implement the Grant project, is enabling upgraded facilities for Presbytery administration. At MissionFest in July, Adamstown will present ‘Technology and Online Church’ for other Uniting churches to explore their options.”

“The first stage of the application process allows you to state your idea and your dream for its future. The second stage brings home the planning that is needed to make that dream happen in reality. Working on the staging of your project and the time-based goals is challenging but it also brings a structure, that is now underpinning the way forward.”

“The project group at Adamstown has found the Reference Group to be a great benefit. The Reference Group is called together by the Presbytery two to four times per year during the grant. Our Synod representative, two Presbytery representatives and three Adamstown representatives meet to celebrate milestones while keeping the grant on track and accountable.”

The Synod growth fund is the way that local congregations can access the Future Directions resourcing framework.


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