Synod Climate Strategy launches Uniting Church Climate Action Network (UCAN)

Synod Climate Strategy launches Uniting Church Climate Action Network (UCAN)

A Uniting Climate Action Network (UCAN) will launch later in June, as part of the Synod Climate Action Strategy.

The network will support members of the Uniting Church community who believe care for creation and action on global warming are important aspects of Christian faith and discipleship and want to act on that conviction.

Where has this idea come from?

In 2019 the meeting of the NSW and ACT Synod initiated the Synod Climate Action Strategy. As a church we agreed to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions across all councils and agencies of the church
  • Advocate to all levels of government to take decisive actions to reduce emissions
  • Support young people in their call for action on climate change

Through the work of five task groups we have achieved a lot in 18 months. Now we want to build on that good start by going wider and deeper.

In March this year we held a Synod Climate Action Strategy planning conference. The aim was to consider priorities for the next phase of our strategy- especially considering this is a big year for climate policy, nationally and internationally. We also wanted to consider what we as the Uniting Church can best contribute in meeting the challenge of global warming. More than 90 people gathered (despite widespread flooding) to consider those questions. Two key action areas arising from the conference were:

  • Putting our faith and values into action: We believe that care for creation is a crucial dimension of our faith and part of the mission God calls us to. We want to be more purposeful in acting on that in our personal lives and in the public sphere.
  • Building on our strengths: We are present in nearly all communities across NSW and the ACT. So, we can relate to and have an impact across the social and political spectrum. We also have great Indigenous and Pacific Islander wisdom about care for country, as well as youth and rural perspectives. We need play to and build on those strengths.

The conference agreed one important way we can put these action areas into practice, was by linking and supporting all those people in congregations already taking action and those others keen to do so.

That’s what the Uniting Climate Action Network is about! All interested members of the Uniting Church community are invited to the online launch on the evening of Thursday, 24 June.

Launch of the Uniting Climate Action Network

Come and hear:

  • The network’s purpose and how it connects to the Synod Climate Action Strategy and wider action on climate
  • How we can put our faith and values into action (including what you, your congregations and communities are passionate about)
  • How UCAN members will be connected to build on our strengths
  • What to expect next

The Moderator, Rev Simon Hansford, will join us to affirm the importance of this work for the life of our church and our world.

When: Thursday 24 June

Time: 6.00 pm- 7.15 pm

The meeting will be via Zoom.  You register for the UCAN launch here .

In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like more information please contact Jon O’Brien at  or phone 0477 725 528.


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