Synod accepts updated plan for Presbytery Project

Synod accepts updated plan for Presbytery Project

The Synod has accepted a proposal to undertake the next stage of the Presbytery Project. 

Presbtery Minister Rob McFarlane spoke to the proposal.

The Presbytery Project, he said, was a ‘straight line’ from previous Synod meetings’ decisions.

“One of the five future directions is that we will work with presbyteries to reorganise ourselves to make healthy congregations,” Rev. Dr McFarlane said.

All of them are important, but it was the one that has the straightest line.

The Presbytery Project, Rev. Dr McFarlane said, was “Singular and concrete.”

He said the proposal involved 2024 being a year of discernment, so as to bring a new model to the 2025 Synod meeting for how the 12 presbyteries could work together.

“[Presbyteries] exist for their congregations because they are their congregations,” Rev. Dr McFarlane said.

“The 12 presbyteries are incredibly diverse. “

He said the project aimed to address, “What is it that presbyteries can do separately and collectively?” and determine the process for that in terms of gathering leaders of presbyteries.

The Presbytery Project with some deliberation was passed by consensus without any changes to the report.


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