Start the conversation about racism

Start the conversation about racism

Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Helen Szoke has called on all Australians to get involved in the development of a National Anti-Racism Strategy for the country.

The Government’s National Anti-Racism Partnership, led by Dr Szoke, has launched a discussion paper, website and online survey to kick start the conversation about addressing racism through consultation with the community.

“There are three ways you can contribute to the National Anti-Racism Strategy — by making a submission in response to the Discussion Paper, by completing the online survey or by participating in a public meeting,” said Dr Szoke.

The Commission is undertaking a range of public consultations between March and May 2012 which Dr Szoke says will provide valuable guidance to shape and form the Strategy.

The next forum will be held in Broadmeadows, Victoria on 30 March 2012.

“The purpose of the consultations is to raise the profile of the Strategy, in addition to collecting ideas – we want to hear what you think works and about other successful strategies that have been used in the past,” said Dr Szoke.

The National Anti-Racism Partnership and Strategy aims to promote a clear understanding in the Australian community of what racism is, and how it can be prevented and reduced.

“Many of you have probably experienced some form of it in your lives, either as a victim or a witness. The inappropriate joke, the comment on Facebook or YouTube, the school yard comments which all may seem harmless enough that they do not warrant a response.This is your chance to have your say on the National Anti-Racism Strategy!” said Dr Szoke.

Dr Szoke anticipates the strategy will be launched in July 2012, and implemented over the following three years.

The National Anti-Racism Partnership brings together expertise from government and non-government organisations.

“The strong coordinated approach will ensure the implementation of an effective anti-racism strategy that responds to community needs,” said Dr Szoke.

The National Anti-Racism Partnership and Strategy is a key initiative of Australia’s Multicultural Policy — The People of Australia, which was launched in February 2011.

The online submission process will run until Friday May 11 2012.

For more information on the discussion paper and the National Anti-Racism Partnership and Strategy visit here.


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