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“Think on your sins.”

This is the message that haunts M (Dame Judi Dench) throughout Skyfall as she grapples with the thought that espionage and the ways of MI6 may be an outdated way of dealing with terrorism.

This film is not so much a reboot of the franchise but in a strange way an origin story. The title is linked to Bond’s childhood as well as giving the film its gripping climax.

It is certainly one of the best Bond films in a decade or so, with a story that gives the character of Bond some welcome depth, complexity and backstory.

Rather than rely on flashy gadgets and stunts, we get Bond stripped back to his Aston Martin and a gun.

The lack of technology for Bond actually becomes one of the film’s funnier continuing jokes.

Considering Quantum of Solace came out in 2008, it’s been a long time between martinis for Bond.

As with other premium titles, across all formats there is total access to the making of the film that includes in-depth interviews and documentaries to satiate the most ardent Bond follower.

Adrian Drayton


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