Second Coming continues series’ momentum

Second Coming continues series’ momentum

Review: Second Coming issue two

By Mark Russell and Richard Pace

Following on from an inaugural issue showed that the initial controversy was out of proportion, and that there was a solid underpinning to the new series, Second Coming continues its momentum with an equally solid second installment that pushes its satirical narrative along.

Issue two sees Jesus on earth to learn from Sunstar, a Superman analogue. Things, however, are not going to plan, with Jesus teaching far more than was anticipated.

The God depicted in Second Coming is somewhat akin to that of the likes of that in Miracle Workers:curmudgeon, disinterested in his creation. Issue two features some hilarious banter between him and Jesus that furthers the storyline in a number of ways. The series, it should be said, seems to poke far more fun at the superhero genre than it does faith, with Jesus having a number of strong character moments that show his teachings to be more effective in their way than superhero bravado.

Those familiar with Jesus’ life as depicted in the Gospels will likely enjoy a number of issue two’s jokes, including a humorous retelling of Satan tempting Him in the desert. There is also a unique take on the problem of theodicy, albeit through Second Coming’s twisted lens.             

Richard Pace continues to balance two very distinct art styles and features everything from superheroes, to a strange version of heaven (or, rather, its food court, complete with defunct or near extinct chains from their glory days).

With four more issues left in this miniseries, Second Coming continues to provide much grist for the theological mill and should provoke much discussion about Jesus, organised religion, and where modern Christianity continues to fall short.

Second Coming is recommended for Mature Readers and is now available at comic stores

Jonathan Foye is Insights’ Editor


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