Scorsese Jesus film to begin shooting in April

Scorsese Jesus film to begin shooting in April

Martin Scorsese’s previously announced Jesus film will begin shooting in April.

The latest religious epic from the director of The Last Temptation of Christ and Silence will be an adaptation of Shūsaku Endō’s A Life of Jesus

In a recent Los Angeles Times interview the director confirmed he plans to direct the Jesus film in 2024. The film will run for 80 minutes.

Mr Scorsese previously indicated he wants the film to get people to reconsider their preconceptions about faith.

“I want to find a fresh approach to make it more relatable and remove the stigma attached to organised religion,” he said.

“Currently, when you mention ‘religion,’ it sparks controversy because of its numerous failures,” Mr Scorsese said.

“However, the fact that it has faltered doesn’t necessarily mean the initial intentions were misguided. Let’s reflect on it. You may choose to reject it, but it could influence how you lead your life—even in rejection. Don’t dismiss it outright; that’s my point. And I say this as an individual about to turn 81 in a couple of days. Do you understand what I’m trying to convey?”

The film is a long-running ambition for the 81-year-old director, who previously wanted to make a Jesus film in the 1960s.


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