Same-sex marriage: voices against, a petition in favour

Same-sex marriage: voices against, a petition in favour

The Australian Christian Lobby has dismissed as absurd a Galaxy poll reporting that the majority of Christians would approve of same-sex marriage.

“Certainly my work with Evangelical, Catholic and Orthodox churches leaves me in no doubt that the great majority of their adherents don’t support same-sex marriage,” said Mr Wallace, the Lobby’s Managing Director.

Mr Wallace also spoke at the National Marriage Day Rally in Canberra, August 16.

The rally was an initiative of the Australian Family Association and The National Marriage Coalition, with support from the Australian Christian Lobby and the Dads4Kids: Fatherhood Foundation.

Mr Wallace said, “Why won’t we admit, even in the same way demand, that as a child cannot be brought into this world without the involvement of a man and a woman, that nature prescribes that a child must be nurtured, and grow with that same equal involvement, wherever humanely possible.”

He said that marriage was too important for it to be redefined away from its current meaning.

“We have to let political parties know that the definition of marriage is not lightly held by us. And that for millions of Australians, especially ethnic communities it is important for cultural reasons and that it is for faith communities so deeply held as to be sacred, and we will not compromise truth for this selfish agenda,” he said.

“Be assured political parties know the next election result will rest on 57 marginal seats, not three inner city ones.”

Warwick Marsh from Dads4Kids said, “Congratulations have flowed to the well known radical feminist Penny Wong and her lesbian partner on the impending birth of her partner’s new baby. But where are the tears for the child who will grow up without her father in the home?

“Where are the tears for the fatherless children who will one day occupy 70% of the capacity of our already overcrowded jail system?

“Where are the tears for the fatherless children who medicate their father-wound through self destructive alcohol, drug, porn and sex addictions and who will in many cases end up taking their own life.”

Gerard Calilhanna of the National Marriage Coalition said, “We are deeply concerned about the push from the Greens to introduce homosexual marriage and are firmly opposed to such a destructive move. The National Marriage Coalition is also opposed to the introduction of Civil Unions as this is the first step towards the homosexualisation of marriage.”

He said, “The introduction of homosexual marriage redefines marriage for everybody and severs the link between marriage and children. Marriage protects children biological right to a mother and a father.”

National Vice-President of the Australian Family Association, Mary-Louise Fowler said, “Children have to come first. The proposal to revise marriage intentionally deprives children of that most basic experience of having both a mum and dad. This is wrong and must be rejected. Politicians choosing to meddle with marriage will surely pay at the polls.”

Keynote speaker Rebecca Hagelin said, “It won’t stop at homosexual marriage — look for polygamy and marriage between adults and children to be legalised. There is no greater dream for a paedophile than to be able to legally acclaim a child as his lover.”

She said there is “no greater evil” than legalising same-sex marriage and told the crowd to join her in a “war for the future of the human race”.

GetUp!, whose campaign in favour of same-sex marriage includes a petition, reports that, despite constant polling that shows the overwhelming majority of Australians are in favour of marriage equality, MPs’ offices have received more pressure from those seeking to block change.

“That’s why now is the time to speak up and demand an inclusive and better Australia.”


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