Sacred Cows Make Great BBQs

Sacred Cows Make Great BBQs

Dave Gilpin, Authentic

From the author of Jesus, Save Me from Your Followers comes Sacred Cows Make Great BBQs. As you have probably guessed from the title, this is not your ordinary, pious, run-of-the-mill devotional book.

This book may have had its beginnings in Dave Gilpin’s rants and frustrations with the Church, but he has woven them into a refreshing and coherent, thought-provoking read.

For Gilpin, “It’s time for the Church to find a new confidence in who it is and to ward off the holy cows that want to trample their dangerous hooves over all the real truths about church life and growth.” It’s also time to “turn up the heat on spiritual myths that have been around much longer than they should have been”, and, “time for all of us to become smiling assassins of sacred cows!”

What’s a sacred cow you may ask? Dave Gilpin targets religious thinking that promotes expectations that, if we have enough belief or faith, then our lives will be prosperous and happy. He debunks the idea that there is no room for failure in God’s kingdom and suggests any cow with the word “prosperity” on it definitely can’t be part of the real gospel.

Coming from a Pentecostal background, there is an emphasis on ideas that will be more familiar for those of us who know this end of the faith spectrum. However, most of the points he makes are equally valid for the rest of the Church. You might have to ask for this book at your local Christian bookstore, but for those with an interest in revitalising the church, this may be another piece in the puzzle.

Jon Humphries


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