Roundup: Unreason, future of Occupy, Paul Simon, Elvis, basin plan, unfaith

Roundup: Unreason, future of Occupy, Paul Simon, Elvis, basin plan, unfaith

The evangelical brains trust

Why would anyone heed ersatz “experts” over trained authorities far more qualified to comment on the origins of life or the worldview of the founding fathers?

Future of Occupy a ‘signpost and compass’ for global movement

The Future of Occupy collective, an international initiative supporting the movement’s self-reflection, has announced a new website to help provide both a signpost and a compass for that question.

So beautiful or so what

Paul Simon asks good questions, and sort of seems to have his finger on the heartbeat spiritually of a culture, then and now. Sort of a God-chronicler by accident.

Last Elvis service for minister

The ‘Gospel Church Service’ at the CountryLink Parkes Elvis Festival has evolved over the last 10 years and is now one of the highlights of the Festival.

Moderator’s thoughts on basin plan

Uniting Church leader says government should consider compensation over basin water cuts.

Insight into political issue spurs on support

“My overall hope is that the energy that is put into this whole discussion is positive rather than unnecessary conflict.”

Churchgoers keen to take a pew despite their disbelief

In terms of church attendance, Andrew Burnard puts a lot of Australia’s Christians to shame.


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