Roundup: Murray Darling Basin, Occupy 2012

Roundup: Murray Darling Basin, Occupy 2012

Church leader backs Murray-Darling compensation

A senior member of the Uniting Church has backed calls for compensation for communities affected by planned water cuts to the Murray-Darling Basin.

Murray Darling Basin: work together on water

Let’s work together – farmers, communities and environmentalists – to figure out a solution that works for all of us who live within or rely upon the Murray-Darling Basin.

The Murray-Darling River: journeys in search of a compelling narrative

Let us recast the journey as one for the Australian nation and focus on the society in which we might imagine ourselves living.

Occupy 2012: Firmly disorganised, driven by dreams

Occupy protesters have a much more ambitious cultural agenda. In the way they have organized their movement, by welcoming everyone, eschewing hierarchy, and allowing a voice to whoever shows up, they hope to set an example for the rest of society.


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