Roundup: Food for thought, poetry, iPads, social networking, the hijab

Roundup: Food for thought, poetry, iPads, social networking, the hijab

Worship, liturgy, and an introduction to Poet Scott Kinder-Pyle

What I want to suggest with “Pastor as a Struggling Poet” is that what we are really about, what each community of faith is about, is a poem of dialogue and hospitality.

The future of food

In the next 40 years, we have to produce as much food as the world has produced in the last 500 years.

Deadliest form of food fight

Growing pressure on global food supplies threatens to make social and political unrest within countries, and conflict between countries, much more likely.

Food for thought

Of all of the regions in the world that the global scientific community has examined, looking at the effect of climate change on agriculture, Australia is one of the three regions most at risk.

Do iPads cause religious experiences?

Any attempt to pin down religious parts of the brain faces the same obstacle: the human brain is inordinately complex, and deceptively complicated.

God’s chosen Tweeters?

While participation in digital social networks does not cause participation in religious groups, digital social engagement parallels local religious engagement.

Veiled voices

For many women, the hijab has become a symbol of striving for gender and racial justice.


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