Roundup: Female farmers, non-violence, drones, democracy, gay marriage, Facebook

Roundup: Female farmers, non-violence, drones, democracy, gay marriage, Facebook

The female face of farming

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and Farming First have produced this interactive graphic showing how women pull their weight in agriculture around the world – and they’ve given us the entire image for you to download.

Churches say, ‘No more violence in the name of God’

“Before God and our communities, we are responsible to Jews for the historical and ongoing realities of anti-Semitism, to Palestinians since the Nakba, to Muslim neighbours in the light of Islamophobia, to persons who are vulnerable, and to victims of colonial conquest, among others,” said participants of a World Council of Churches sponsored conference.

The ethics of drones

Drones are increasingly becoming some of the most valuable weapons in America’s arsenal.

Democratic society needs the guidance of the wise

What do we mean by “democracy” and “representation”? And what institutions and practices make our polity genuinely more democratic and more representative?

How not to argue against gay marriage

The issue at stake is whether marriage is an immutable concept, and I believe history shows that it isn’t.

Faith and Facebook

Churches finding their way with social media.


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