Roundup: Aboriginal health, Facebook, Islam, biofuel, Jesus married

Roundup: Aboriginal health, Facebook, Islam, biofuel, Jesus married

Aboriginal men’s health the topic no one wants to discuss

It’s not easy being an Aboriginal man in Australia — nor if you’re an organisation attempting to get funding to help them.

Facebook and pastoral ministry

Relationships are vital to any faith community.

It is now time to grow up

God created the human mind to debate, study, analyse and explain. Isn’t it the duty of Muslims, after all, to educate non-Muslims on the true nature of the religion of Muhammad?

European biofuel targets contributing to global hunger, says Oxfam

Report says ten per cent objective competes with food production and should be scrapped in effort to reduce food price spikes.

The inside story of a controversial new text about Jesus

According to a top religion scholar, a 1,600-year-old text fragment suggests that some early Christians believed Jesus was married — possibly to Mary Magdalene.


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