Roundup: Egypt, Advent resources, Christmas tithe, religious labels, interfaith, NCLS

Roundup: Egypt, Advent resources, Christmas tithe, religious labels, interfaith, NCLS

Starting the Christmas tithe

Many of us are deeply involved in missions and campaigns to bring social justice to this world — to transform structures and policies that hurt the poor into new practices that help them overcome their poverty. But the kind of personal giving that we do is also very important, especially in teaching the lessons of compassion and justice to our children.

Top ten Advent resources of 2012

Celebrate Advent in a way that marinates us with hope and possibility as we prepare to savour Christ’s arrival.

Blurring the boundaries: punk rock and religion

We now face a vast range of human practices which are overlapping and do not function as religious or secular solely or discreetly. We have to ask, are new labels now needed, or can we do away with labels once and for all?

Interfaith pioneer’s search for the sacred

Stephanie Dowrick is one of Australia’s most influential spiritual teachers. She has carved out a unique and independent niche in the realm of religion in this country.

National Church Life Survey

Many Australian churchgoers say that a sense of belonging is more important than a certainty of belief.

Why is Egypt’s draft constitution so controversial?

Protesters took to the streets in Cairo and other Egyptian cities today over a draft constitution written by Islamists. Here are the points many in Egypt are talking about.


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