Roundup: Dying churches, ordaining gays, Potter, Gaga and Tree of Life

Roundup: Dying churches, ordaining gays, Potter, Gaga and Tree of Life

Ten ways to revive a dying church

Pastors come and go, but it is the congregants, parishioners, and members that make up the identity, flavour, and, ultimately, affect the future direction of a congregation.

Ageing Church of England ‘will be dead in 20 years’

The Church was compared to a company “impeccably” managing itself into failure.

Final gasp of the ‘Harry Potter’ wars?

The “Harry Potter” culture warriors have surged into action one last time, adding their familiar notes of discord to the fanfares greeting the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

The theology of Harry Potter

Whether discussing what it means to be saved or what the end times will look like, [the students] encountered each discussion with curiosity, seeking to learn not just from the readings but also from those who held beliefs different from their own.

Harry Potter’s victory over Christian wowsers

Contrary to the predictions of wowsers, the series has not led generations into paganism. Instead they have enjoyed and been inspired by an unforgettable story containing a simple but profound message lifted straight from the gospels. Amen.

From shame to fame

Gaga’s message resonates with the gospel. To paraphrase Will Campbell, the gospel message is that “we’re all misfits, but God loves us anyway.”

Visualising the Cosmos

Terrence Malick and an imaginary history of the universe.

The way of the brother

How critics missed the boat on Tree of Life.

US Presbyterians change hearts and minds

Begin ordaining gays.


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