Roundup: Discrimination, unity, Sri Lanka, oppression, dirty Jesus

Roundup: Discrimination, unity, Sri Lanka, oppression, dirty Jesus

Injustice not an article of faith for all churches

In the outcry about the exemptions granted to faith-based organisations in the federal government’s proposed anti-discrimination legislation, the fact that some of these very organisations think differently has been largely overlooked.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Seeking unity through diversity and justice.

Sri Lanka

Farewell to the rule of law?

Which countries are most free — and most oppressive?

As Libya, Egypt and a handful of African countries have become more open and democratic in the past year, Mali and some of its neighbors have become dramatically less so, according to a new report from the democracy watchdog Freedom House.

Why I’m calling Jesus names

I believe that Jesus had lots to say about the things we face everyday – our challenges and struggles, our sins and follies – and he had quite a few opinions about how we should treat others and think of ourselves.


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