Roundup: Discipleship, scholarship, Christians under fire, climate justice, Kony, Occupy faith, sacred mystery

Roundup: Discipleship, scholarship, Christians under fire, climate justice, Kony, Occupy faith, sacred mystery

‘We are called to discipleship,’ says WCC general secretary

“Together with other Christians whose theology, worship traditions and local contexts may be quite different from our own, we are called to discipleship that has transformative potential,” said the World Council of Churches general secretary, the Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, at the General Conference 2012 of the United Methodist Church in the United States.

‘Good theology can change the world,’ asserts WCC conference

To stress the relevance of theological scholarship programs for the future of world Christianity, a conference was organised by the Ecumenical Theological Education program of the World Council of Churches in partnership with Evangelical Church in Germany and the Academy of Mission, University of Hamburg.

Pray for Christians and churches under fire, urges WCC

Following armed attacks on Christian churches in Kano and Maiduguri, Nigeria, and in Nairobi, Kenya, leaders of the World Council of Churches has called for people of faith to support afflicted believers through prayer and solidarity.

Churches on the way to Rio+20

Climate justice and the integrity of creation have been of concern to churches around the world. While stakeholders in the debate on climate change will gather at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20 this year in June, the World Council of Churches hopes for discussions to go beyond the narrow understandings of a green economy and the international framework for sustainable development.

In vast jungle, US troops aid in search for Kony

It has got to be one of the oddest matchups in United States military history. One hundred of America’s elite Special Operations troops, aided by night vision scopes and satellite imagery, are helping African forces find a wig-wearing, gibberish-speaking fugitive rebel commander named Joseph Kony who has been hiding out in the jungle for years with a band of child soldiers and a harem of dozens of child brides.

No revolution without religion

Why the Occupy movement needs to Occupy faith.

The generous vision of Marilynne Robinson

There is “sacred mystery with every individual experience, every life.” In view of that mystery, we must “forget definition, forget assumption, watch”.

Left out in the cold

Climate change was once a scientific issue prompting relatively universal concerns. How did it get labelled left-wing?


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