Roundup: Crisis appeal, people smuggling, the Norway massacre

Roundup: Crisis appeal, people smuggling, the Norway massacre

Horn of Africa crisis appeal

UnitingWorld is part of a network of faith-based non-governmental development agencies who are responding to the growing effects of the severe food shortages in the Horn of Africa.

Sending asylum seekers to Malaysia is not the answer to addressing people smuggling

The Australian Human Rights Commission has again expressed its concerns about sending people who claim asylum in Australia to Malaysia or other third countries, and has urged that, in particular, the government not send vulnerable individuals such as unaccompanied minors, families with children and torture and trauma survivors under this agreement.

The Norway massacre: Born of ideology or belief?

“Breivik’s religious position is rather distant from any Christian faith commitment or any ‘fundamentalist Christian’ position.”

Breivik’s manifesto on Islam vs. ‘Christendom’ as ‘demographic warfare’

The idea that Europe has given in to Islam, and has already been or is at risk of being “Islamicized,” due to liberals’ failure to recognize a threat, is a common Islamophobic trope.


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