Roundup: Church planting, homicide, difference, the rich and the rest, genocide

Roundup: Church planting, homicide, difference, the rich and the rest, genocide

Foreign policy experts discuss ways to avert future genocide

“We’ve entered into this moment of ecological panic. Global warming will itself almost certainly directly cause mass killing, but it will likely indirectly cause it” as major states like China and the United States seek to feed their citizens, possibly touching off shortages elsewhere, in places that would then be at risk.”

A tale of two economies

The US and UK are two economies. That’s to say they’re each two economies. Both countries are divided into the finance-based asset rich minority and the rest.

Going easy on the church

Let’s go easy on one another — not because we walk a narrow path of theological and political consistency, but because we dance in a wide open field where we accept, admire, and work within the vast and endless frame of our differences.

The myth of redemptive violence

Our world is filled with violence — like a plague, an infection, a pandemic of people killing people and people killing themselves. In my city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, we have nearly one homicide a day — and in this land of the free we have over 10,000 homicides a year.

Planting a church? Don’t quit your day job

If you feel called to plant a church in these tough economic times, it’s a good idea to maintain another job.


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