Roundup: Christmas with Jesus, aid budget, farmland, peace

Roundup: Christmas with Jesus, aid budget, farmland, peace

Trees of survival: seeds of hope

I struggle to understand those who wish to start mining uranium and, hiding the truth of its dangers, set it off on its toxic way to nuclear power and nuclear weapons. For the shortest of short-term gain we are to be placed on a road from which we cannot get off and which leads to disaster.

Experts debate ‘peak farmland’

The amount of land needed to grow crops worldwide is at a peak, and a geographical area more than twice the size of France will be able to return to its natural state by 2060 as a result of rising yields and slower population growth, a group of experts said on Monday.

Plundering aid budget for asylum seeker costs is wrong

Government plans to divert at least $375 million of foreign aid to pay for the costs associated with asylum seekers on mainland Australia, were revealed on Channel 10 news.

How still we see thee lie?

I don’t want to rain on your Christmas parade, but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Jesus, and I’m pretty sure Jesus would still be found where we found him originally; with people far from home for whom there is no room at the inn surrounded by both poor shepherds and travelling kings.


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