Roundup: 9/11, climate change, food prices, peace and justice, re-olding the faith, same-gendered marriage, community safety, Red State

Roundup: 9/11, climate change, food prices, peace and justice, re-olding the faith, same-gendered marriage, community safety, Red State

Red State wins: Take a bow, Silent Bob

The horror of Red State is not the body count wrought by machine-gun-toting church ladies or federal agents with orders to use deadly force to empty a fortified cult compound. Rather the true horror of Smith’s film is in the fundamental beliefs that give rise to such atrocities.

Sutherland Shire’s Pacific Solution

Sutherland Uniting Church minister Kamaloni Tuiono said he felt responsible as a leader to help his community and promote it as a safe place. “I want to make sure young people from the Pacific Islands have fun but are aware of the problems. We need to encourage them, direct them but teach them to respect others in their own space,” Mr Tuiono said.

Turn bread into dough

To chief executive of Foodbank Australia John Webster, there is a fundamental link between food and charity. ”The issue of hunger is often the symptom of many other difficulties,” he says.

There are two marriages

As Christians, let’s at least be realistic … If we’re going to allow adults to form legal partnerships, and if we think that’s better for society, then let’s open that ability to same-gendered couples as well. And let’s leave it to churches to marry whom they want to, but let’s make it clear that those marriages are sacramental, not legal.

Dom Crossan on The Challenge of Jesus

I am convinced that we have to radically change what we think of as Christian, Bible-based theology today. I’m convinced that this is not anything new. That’s why I call this re-olding the Christian faith. Christianity is about making this truly God’s world of justice and peace. What we’re talking about here is taking the Bible seriously. I don’t think that this biblical stuff is a dead issue. No, not at all. I believe it still can change the world.

The Rising

Springsteen, 9/11, and the real refrains of patriotism.

Peace and justice gain momentum

The theme of peace and justice is on the global church agenda with new energy at a time when more and more societies are experiencing conflict, intense poverty, drought and injustice.

 ‘Broken’ markets driving up food prices as bread soars

‘Broken’ financial markets are driving up food prices, finds a new report released today, as inflation figures show UK consumers are now paying over seven per cent more for bread than a year ago.

World’s largest firms ‘acting on climate change’, analysis shows

Climate is central to business strategy of 68% of the world’s 500 largest companies, compared with 48% last year.


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