Roseville Uniting Church start intentional Christian community

Roseville Uniting Church start intentional Christian community

Roseville Uniting Church is launching a new, intentional Christian community in their property—and are looking for people to come and join it.

It has been a bit over a year since Roseville had seriously started to think the idea was a possibility. Three things helped cement the idea however. First it was a review of the mission plan and looking at ways the Church could be more “invitational”, the second was that one of the evening service members had moved into the house.

Then when they held their recent Shrove Tuesday pancake party, church members realised that events like that held at the Cottage could be great outreach opportunities if we were to establish an intentional Christian presence in the house.

In terms of the age range for The Cottage, the original idea was young adults, recent graduates, people at the start of their careers, but we’re also open to students, or others in that sort of age range who’d like to live in community and be involved in the life of Roseville Uniting Church.

“Roseville Uniting Church has the mission goal of “Sharing the love and welcome of Jesus Christ”. So we’re always trying to ask ourselves whether the resources that have been entrusted to us by God and by those who came before us are being used to that end,” says Rev. Chris Goringe of the initiative.

“The Cottage, which is right next door to the Church and many years ago was the Manse, wasn’t being used as part of our mission, so we started to ask ourselves how we might make better use of it. Knowing that a number of Uniting Churches have set up student accomodation, and that those communities have played a significant part in the life of the Church, we wondered whether a shared house for people in the next stage of their life might be a possibility.”

The Cottage is a furnished five bedroom house located next to Roseville Uniting Church on Lord Street.

“We’ve been delighted at the generosity of the members of Roseville Uniting Church and other local congregations in providing loads of furniture, kitchen appliances and the like the make The Cottage into a home,” says Rev. Goringe

Residents need to be aged between 18 and early thirties and willing to contribute to a Christian community.

The Cottage is overseen by a “Cottage Committee” which includes members of the church such as the Minister.

Rent is $180-$220 a week, depending on the room, which includes WiFi, rates, and water. Residents have their own bedroom, and share the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, garden and living room

Applicants must agree to be a part of an intentional Christian community, which includes Bible studies at the property.

Roseville Uniting Church is affirming of LGBTIQ+ people, who are welcome to apply.

Potential residents, can apply through the church’s website or email with any questions.

For more information, check out an FAQ page that Roseville Uniting Church have set up.

Jonathan Foye is Insights’ Editor


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