How Mercy Looks From Here

Amy Grant

Grant may not mention God in every song here on her latest album “How Mercy Looks From Here,” but every song exudes with wisdom of a lifetime shared by a deeply Godly woman.

This record is a thoroughly contemplative, earthy, spiritual and personal by this multiple Grammy Award winner.

Dealing with hefty issues such as aging, death, tragic life detours, fruitlessness, eternal life and life’s meaning,  Grant doesn’t come across with fire and brimstone.  Rather, in her warm never-hurried seasoned alto she gently nudges and shrugs urging us to the things that truly matter.

Every Amy Grant album is an event worth celebrating.  And this album is of no exception – these eleven cuts are carefully crafted wisdom tales of faith, life, loss and love told by Christian music’s most enduring and beloved artist.

Adrian Drayton

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