Reconnecting small Congregations

Reconnecting small Congregations

Project Reconnect is empowering small Congregations with a DVD resource packed with weekly recordings of lectionary reflections and discussion questions, as well as 16 hymns. All DVDs are specific to each Sunday.

This resource enables small congregations – including those which may not have a regular minister preaching – to engage with fresh weekly sermons and messages to complement their church services.

The project began in 2001 and it is now supported by the Hunter Presbytery, with the purpose of helping Congregations to gain independence in being able to run services and theological discussions.

The below short video outlines the purpose of Project Reconnect and how it can be a benefit to your Congregation.

Introduction to Project Reconnect

The inspiration behind Project Reconnect came from an encounter that Uniting Church minister Rev. Tom Stuart had with a church member after a service at a smaller church. The member was concerned that the church would be closed down. Rev Stuart assured the church member that no matter the capacity of the Congregational services and space which they occupied, their church will continue.

“We can’t close you down. You are the church,” said Rev. Stuart to the concerned church member.

“While you and others continue to give expression to your faith, and gather as a community of faith, then the church still exists. The church is not closed down.”

With Project Reconnect, a small church is just the right size. Find out more about Project Reconnect here.

Order your first DVD by emailing or click here

There are also other resources that complement this DVD. Recommended is Words for Worship and another comprehensive lectionary Seasons of the Spirit.


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